You Imagine It; We Make It

Collaborating in smart, meaningful ways is key to creating truly unique, one-of-kind custom carpet solutions. Ease the custom carpet-to-fit manufacturing process with our Custom Design Studio, where one designated team oversees your project from the conceptual beginning to the order process.

The end result: every project made by design.

Command Performance in custom carpet-to-fit

Computer Yarn Placement (CYP) tufted carpet was essential to meet the design and budget needs of the City of Phoenix Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Arizona. A reflection of the vibrant layers within Arizona’s canyons and desert washes, the resulting space is a celebration of the movement of music, dance and reinvigoration of an existing performance theater.

The complete Shaw Hospitality custom carpet has no pattern repeats – a significant undertaking for a carpet installation of this size. A total of 6,000 square yards of custom carpet are installed in the space: 5,000 square yards of CYP in the atrium and 1,000 square yards of custom tufted carpet on the auditorium stairs.

Significant craftsmanship was mandatory for the materials to pattern match at every seam. The symphony hall’s tiered seating added another level of complexity to the project because it required significant upholstery work. Despite the difficulty of the carpet design and installation, Shaw Hospitality Group and Spectra completed the job during a limited shut down time between the venue’s show seasons.


The job is custom carpet-to-fit with no pattern repeats. It was imperative that the seams matched perfectly - no small feat with nearly 60 panels of carpet with 150 foot seams

-Vince Lester, President, Spectra Contract Flooring

Unique designs in Western-inspired carpet

When the 200,000 sq ft Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, remodeled, the flooring became a signature piece of the design revamp. The Shaw Custom Design Studio worked closely with design firm Delawie to create an indeliable impression.

Shaw carpet’s custom CYP and printed program was the perfect solution for this project. The guestroom carpet was inspired from thick, old, cable knit sweaters, popular when skiing was first introduced, and brings soft color and warm texture in the guestrooms. A map of the state of Wyoming, including the Snake River, crosses the lobby with major cities indicated at the time the vintage map originated. All public corridors use a custom CYP faux bois patterning reflective of the local forests.