We Believe in The Impact of Design

Our team of designers bring unique specialties and expertise together to create products that change how spaces are viewed and used. The floor is a vital part of any space and we strive to develop products that reimagine what the floor can be. From new designs to new materials every day our studios explore new possibilities.

Each studio focuses on a unique market segment to provide bespoke solutions crafted to the unique challenges our clients face. Diverse specialties collaborate to create products that exceed specifications and expectations.

"I crave the simplicity of things. I'm inspired by the craft."

Reesie Duncan, VP, Global Design

"Why not make the world more beautiful?"

Maria Scott, Design Director, Shaw Hospitality

"Good design is knowing the process."

Marcy Ewing, Director of Global Design

"Seeing how ideas take shape is my favorite part of the design."

Ashley Ginn, Design Director, Healthcare