Creating Positive Change

June 22, 2020
Racial injustice has again been on display in ways that have opened wounds and made visible to all of us the discrimination and violence the black community knows all too well. We understand that in addition to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, we must take direct action against systemic racism.

Shaw Contract's mission is to provide insight and solutions for to enable people to use their power for positive change. All across the globe we have seen people using their power to change systems that perpetuate racial violence and injustice. Bias can run deep and we must unlearn racism as individuals and institutions.

We feel a sense of urgency for us to make an impact on our organization and are taking steps to make Shaw Contract a more diverse, just and inclusive organization. These responsive actions include greater visibility and engagement with our Associate Resource Groups supporting our Latino, LGBTQ+, Women and Black employees, expanding our unconscious bias training, implementing changes in our recruiting process, and creating a diversity leadership board with employees and clients. The diversity leadership board will provide input on our policies, communication and recruiting practices for unintended bias and to make sure Shaw Contract is a proactive agent for positive change.