Below the Surface

What lies beneath the surface plays a crucial role in the performance and sustainability of any floor, addressing a range of issues from moisture protection to guaranteed reclamation. Carpet tile and broadloom backings including cushion and VOC-free options are designed to build a strong foundation for every surface. View more about Shaw Contract backings, including the revolutionary EcoWorx.

Built to Last

Eco Solution Q is 100% recyclable,a supremely strong and durable carpet fiber, engineered to reduce the visibility of dirt and soil while retaining color and appearance.Durability combined with more than 200 color options from vibrant hues to subtle neutrals, makes Eco Solution Q the versatile, sustainable solution.


  • Optimal performance with the highest denier per filament in the industry
  • Unsurpassed tensile strength to withstand wear and tear
  • Lifetime warranty covering abrasive wear, static protection, acid-based stains and colorfastness.


Available in more than 200 colors from brilliant hues to beautifully subdued neutrals.


Eco Solution Q is a 100% recyclable solution created by the largest carpet fiber manufacturer in the world. Eco Solution Q products constructed with EcoWorx® backing are Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver, Our Environmental Guarantee ensures that EcoWorx®-backed carpet products are recycled at the end of their useful life at no cost to the customer.

Fiber Expertise

  • Eco Solution Q is a product of Shaw's vertical integration of a key raw material in the carpet manufacturing process, ensuring quality and consistency in our beautiful flooring products.
  • Global supplier of fiber to carpet manufacturers around the world.


  • 2016 Facility Executive Readers’ Choice Award for Carpet Fibers/Treatments
  • Buildings magazine Top 100 product

Fiber Warranties

  • EcoSolution Q SD Nylon
  • EcoSolution Q Nylon
  • Solution Q Extreme SD Nylon
  • Nylon Generic Blend Warranty
  • Eco Evolution 20-Year
  • Solution Q SD Nylon on StrataWorx
  • Solution Q SD Nylon
  • Nylon 10 Year Commercial Rooms Limited

Innovation in Every Step

Created to serve (or perform in) the most challenging environments, the highly stain repellant Solution Q Extreme cationic Nylon 6 fibers designed to withstand the toughest conditions while maintaining color and appearance.


Solution Q Extreme is perfect for areas prone to frequent spills, exposure to harsh chemicals and where ease of maintenance is essential. That’s because the fiber repels acid‐based stains and withstands harsh cleaners. While Solution Q Extreme can handle tough detergents, most common acid-based stains clean easily with water. This high-performing fiber delivers:


Solution Q Extreme is 100% recyclable. Our EcoWorx backed Solution Q Extreme products are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver, meaning they are safe and healthy for your associates and our world. Our Environmental Guarantee states we will reclaim and recycle these products for free at the end of useful life with a 500 square foot minimum in the contiguous US.

  • Optimal performance with the highest denier per filament in the industry
  • Unsurpassed tensile strength to withstand wear and tear
  • Passes GSA Test of Permanent Stain Resistance
  • Lifetime stain, colorfastness, static and abrasive wear warranty