Installation Made Easy

Our products can be installed in numerous patterns, giving you endless design possibilities from a wide range of styles including broadloom, carpet tile, resilient and ceramic. Familiarity with installation methods is essential, and so we ensure that detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions are available for every method and every product: direct glue-down for standard settings. Peel-and-stick systems for ultimate installation economy, or convenient commercial cushion, for the comfort of premium padding, with one-step installation.

Watch this quick video tutorial for the installation of Hexagon carpet tiles.

Solutions for Your Space

LokWorx is a pressure sensitive adhesive for the installation of Ecoworx carpet tile. This non-toxic and odorless system provides an alternative to web adhesive, virtually eliminating the issue of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This versatile adhesive system can be used to attach or float Ecoworx products over virtually any subfloor.


LokWorx Installation Guidelines

Broadloom Installation

  • EcoWorx Performance Broadloomâ„¢
  • EcoWorx Broadloom
  • Broadloom
  • Broadloom Attached Cushion
  • Shaw VIT Information
  • Acoustic Wall Covering
  • Woven Broadloom Guidelines

Carpet Tile Installation

  • 9X36 Carpet Tile
  • EcoWorx Tile
  • 18X36 Carpet Tile
  • Hexagon
  • LokWorx Installation Guidelines
  • TaskWorx Installation Guide
  • LokDots for EcoWorx Tile
  • CushionWorx Guidelines
  • LokWorx Installation Guidelines
  • StrataWorx Installation Guidelines

Commercial Print & CYP

  • Print and CYP Installation

Resilient Installation

  • Resilient Hexagon
  • Commercial Resilient Installation Guidelines
  • Quiet Cover Installation
  • Resilient SPC Installation
  • Resilient WPC Installation
  • Rexcourt Installation Instructions
  • Loose Lay Resilient Installation
  • RFCI - Removal of Resilient Flooring
  • Test Before Starting Installation
  • Instep Locking System
  • Rexcourt Gameline Paint Procedure
  • Groundworks Underlayment
  • Herringbone Resilient Installation Guidelines
  • Bravo Underlayment
  • Herringbone Resilient Installation Tearsheet
  • Engineered Hardwood Installation Guide - French
  • Locking Engineered Hardwood - EN/ES
  • Engineered Hardwood Installation Guidelines
  • Engineered Hardwood Installation Guidelines - French
  • Herringbone Design & Layout Guidelines
  • Locking Engineered Hardwood Guidelines
  • CoreTec and CoreTec XRC Guidelines
  • Wall Base Installation
  • Vinyl Plank and Tile Installation

18x36 Installation

Watch this video tutorial on how to install our versatile 18x36 carpet tiles.

Click the video links below to watch how to arrange 18x36 with other install methods

Broadloom Installation Videos

Watch this instructional video on the installation of EcoWorx broadloom for commercial spaces.

Watch this instructional video on the installation of Shaw commercial broadloom carpet.


Preserve and protect your carpet from everyday wear with proper maintenance.



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