A Holistic Approach to Healing

Healthcare begins at the floor level. It takes many forms and requires a sensitive and practical approach that considers patients, caregivers and their environments. Shaw Contract provides flooring that supports healthcare at every level - creating positive, low stress, comforting spaces. Products made with fibers, backings and finishes that are durable, easily maintained and consider texture and acoustics, can be the difference between an anxious visit to a healing environment and a positive one. Patterns, colors and finishes based on design principles are driven by deep analysis, market research, visual impact and sustainability.

Nature as a Design Principle

Taking design cues from the natural world is vital when considering healthcare environments. The calming power of a soft surface, a clean resilient floor, tempered acoustics or the soothing interplay of light and shadow are all essential elements in the design process. Evidence-based design highlights the improvement in the patient experience when elements from nature are integrated to the built environment. Flooring is a tool that architects and designers can use to forge a deeper connection to our physical relationship with the environment.

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