The Art and Science of Retail

Retail is a complex market where brands must compete with their own online presence. The act of shopping, whether at a mall or pop-up store must provide a physical experience that engages and rewards. Retail design creates a tactile exchange between goods and consumer and encourages brand loyalty. Flooring is the canvas on which traffic is directed through pattern, color and texture, making subliminal visual cues that create sections without building walls—the backdrop to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Of the top 50 U.S.-based retailers, 38 have specified Shaw products, relying on designs that are proven to service the demanding retail market. From specialty apparel boutiques to grocery stores; salons to large-format mass merchants, Shaw Contract designs floors that turn retail spaces in to destinations of choice.

Choose a Partner. Not a Provider

Brands worldwide depend on Shaw Contract for service, experience and performance. In retail, time is of the essence and schedules are critical. Shaw Contract understands that creating powerful, customized flooring solutions is only one part of a successful outcome. Shaw Contract partners with architects, designers, store planners and retailers to manage projects through their full life cycle, from flooring projections to transportation and logistics that ensure each retail location meets budgets and deadlines and exceeds expectations.

"Being able to package our entire flooring product needs through one source has been extremely beneficial to our construction process. The service and response has been tremendous,” said a director of store planning for a major U.S. retailer.

Real Retail Spaces; Real Shopping Solutions

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