Free of Red List Chemicals, Living Building Challenge Compliant.

Declare is an ingredients label for building products which supports the Living Building Challenge, a whole building certification program developed by the International Living Future Institute.

Shaw Contract EcoWorx Carpet Tile with EcoSolution Q face fiber products are registered through the Declare program and classified as LBC Compliant, meaning our suppliers have confirmed our ingredients have no Red List chemicals of concern. This status ensures our products will contribute to Living Building Challenge projects.

Living Building Challenge requires that manufacturers disclose the ingredients in their products to ensure that they are free of Red List chemicals and materials.

The Red List represents the materials, chemicals and elements known to pose serious risk to human health and the greater ecosystem. Examples of materials on the Red List include lead, mercury, asbestos and phthalates. While any material can be listed in the Declare database, a Living Building Challenge project cannot contain any of the Red List materials.