The Mindful Materials program was introduced to improve communication on transparency, optimization and disclosure in regard to the sustainability details for products and building materials. Industry professionals and manufacturers to use the program spreadsheet as a tool for quick access to product information.

In order for products to be incorporated into the Mindful MATERIALS program, manufacturers fill out the spreadsheet with individual product details, certifications or attributions.Those searching for these specification details can easily locate.

Another component is the Transparency Label, used on product binders in resource libraries. The label, designed as a tangible means to incorporate transparency information into designers’ everyday work process, has received an enthusiastic response from the industry. It provides at-a-glance information about the product, offering a quick reference for those who need it. All Shaw Contract sales professionals will fill out these labels for participating firms during scheduled appointments.

Shaw Contract is an approved Mindful Materials Manufacturer

This means our spreadsheets will be available in the Mindful Materials library for program users. Shaw Contract was a sponsor of Chicago’s 2015 Material Chemistry Workshop, which announced the HKS Mindful Materials library labeling initiative, introducing the logo, label and system instructions.

Shaw has helped inform and publicize the mindful MATERIALS initiative, an open source transparency documentation tool for the design industry. Our work together and your promotion of MINDFUL MATERIALS is truly fueling its adoption. Together we can change the built environment. Thanks for your commitment to sustainability.

-Nancy Hulsey, HKS